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Simple Glute Circuit #1
December 11th, 2018

There are a million different ways to put together an effective glute circuit. Here's a nice little banded glute activation warm-up for leg day. Pregnancy and postpartum friendly. (Many of my trainees will recognize these). I did the following with a "extra hea...

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My Prenatal Fitness "Programme"
November 13, 2018

Now that I'm postpartum I want to share with you a retrospective view of my training through pregnancy.
I write "programme" in inverted commas, because it wasn't as structured as you might think – I did set out with a plan, and I adjusted the plan each month, but I neve...

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Top 5 Pregnancy Core Exercises
September 13, 2018

Women are obsessed with doing "core" exercises, and I get asked almost daily what exercises you should do for your core during pregnancy. My answer is: probably none, but if you must focus on your core, do these 5 exercises.

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